Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

I have been living in L.A. now for two years, and I had not been hiking until this past weekend. I know! I am living in L.A. and I haven’t been hiking, which is probably the most popular activity people do here! But I have now done it, and I really enjoyed it!! I love walking/hiking when I am back in England, but it was completely different doing it in L.A. as you had the view of the city from Downtown to Beverly Hills, and the terrain wasn’t lush green and covered in grass.


The hike is not difficult. It is mostly inclined, but it is very gradual. But I would suggest doing the hike early in the morning, because by midday it is very hot up the mountain and not the best temperature to be hiking in!




I really enjoyed this hike. The view was breathtaking and you can see L.A. from both sides of the mountain. So you are able to see Downtown and Hollywood from one side, and Glendale and Burbank around the back. And it is a short hike too, so if you don’t have much time this hike is perfect.


I am already planning my next hike, and I am thinking in Malibu!Β If you have been to L.A. let me know in the comments what your favourite place was that you visited.


2 thoughts on “Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

  1. I can’t believe you never hiked in LA! But once you begin, you can’t stop. Have you gone up from the Griffith Observatory side yet? You get to see the Hollywood Sign from a new perspective. I also really like the Griffith Park Zoo. It’s just a casual stroll but you can to walk through a good portion of the park. The best part about a long day near the Hollywood sign is how hungry you are after πŸ™‚ I love going to Thai town (cause it is only a mile away) and eat delicious noodles. Ruen Pair for their curry noodles is a must.

    I have a few recommendations on cool hiking trails with gorgeous mountain views if you are interested!
    But if that is a tad far, I definitely recommend going to Escondido Falls in Malibu and then relaxing on the beach after. Happy hiking! I can’t wait to hear more about your future hiking endeavors


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