Road Trip: Grand Canyon

\Before moving back to England, my family and I decided to take this opportunity to do a road trip to some of the USA’s national parks. And the first stop on our road trip was the Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon was number 1 on my families bucket list, and it was not a disappointment. No picture will do this place justice, and will not substitute the feeling of awe when you step out on the rim for the first time and take in the grand scale, natural beauty and colour of the Grand Canyon. Every lookout point along the rim of the Grand Canyon is different, and will leave you speechless and in disbelief not knowing if it is real or not.



We spent two days in the South Grand Canyon, but unfortunately due to it being peak season (June-July) we were unable to stay in the South Grand Canyon Village. So we instead stayed in Flagstaff which is roughly an hour and half drive to the South rim. As a result, this limited what we were able to do in the Grand Canyon.Β However, we did not let this stop us from seeing the highlights of the South Grand Canyon.



We spent the two days taking the hop-on-hop-off shuttle all along the South Rim and getting off at each lookout point to see the view. Some people hiked the whole length of the South Rim which is a total of 7 miles, and is relatively flat. I would recommend either taking the shuttle bus or hiking this trial, as it gives you the perfect lookouts to view the Grand Canyon.


My favourite time of the day was at Sunset, because as the sun sets it brings an orange hue to the peaks and ridge lines and creates beautiful shadows and colours. The best place to see the sunset and sunrise is at Mather Point which is along the South Rim and one of the shuttle stops.


IMG_7601The next stop on our road trip was Horseshoe bend and Bryce Canyon, which were the highlights of the trip for me. The blog post for these two places will be up next week!


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