Road Trip: Bryce Canyon

The next stop on our road trip was Bryce Canyon National Park, and for me this was the highlight of the trip. Bryce Canyon National Park consists of crimson-coloured hoodoos in an amphitheatre.  They are formed when the limestone is eroded by the wind, rain, and frost shaping it into arches, spires, and canyons. Every hoodoo is completely different making your journey down into the amphitheater that little more interesting. Some hoodoo’s look like people or objects, for example you have a hoodoo which looks like Queen Victoria sat on her throne. And there are many more in the National Park.

On our drive from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon National Park (which is roughly a 5 hour drive) we stopped off at Horseshoe Bend which is just before the town of Page. Horseshoe bend is a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River, and is probably the most photographed section of the Colorado River.

It is a small 10 minute trek from the car park to Horseshoe bend, but it has very little shade along the path so take plenty of water and also an umbrella. However, the view at the end is defiantly worth the trek in the heat.thumb_IMG_7396_1024

Once we arrived in the town of Bryce, we took the Bryce Canyon National Park shuttle into the park which takes you to all the overlooks. We decided to stop out at each overlook and take in Bryce Canyon National Park. Unfortunately there was a wildfire nearby so it was quite smoky, and cloudy, but it did create some lovely colours and shadows in the amphitheater.


In the morning, we decided to hike the Queen’s Garden trial down into the amphitheater of canyon, which has the Queen Victoria’s hoodoo along the trial. This trial starts at Sunrise point, which is one of the stops along the shuttle route. The hike down into the canyon is relatively easy and the routes are all signposted. However, when you go down you always have to come back up!







Rather than taking the Queen’s Garden trial back up to the rim, we decided to join onto the Navajo loop trial to see some more of the iconic hoodoo’s. Along this trial you have Thor’s Hammer, and Two Bridges.





The next stop on our road trip is Zion National Park! If you haven’t read about our visit to the Grand Canyon National Park click here. Also if you enjoy my posts then you can follow my blog at the bottom of the page and you will then be notified when a new blog is posted.


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