Road Trip: Zion National Park

The last stop on our road trip was Zion National Park, before heading back to Los Angeles. Zion National Park is in Utah, and roughly and an hour and half drive from Bryce Canyon National Park. However, it is very different from both the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon.


We stayed in Springdale, which is a small town in Zion National Park. From Springdale they have shuttles that take you into the park during the Summer months, as you are not allowed to take cars in during these months. The shuttles run every 5 minutes, and stop at all the trial heads.



The weather was extreme in Zion National Park, and reached a high of 47 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we set out really early in the morning to do any trials that we wanted to do. We decided to do the Lower and Upper Emeralds Pool trial, which has three pools along the trial and a hanging garden. This is an easy trial with a slight incline, and can be done by people of all ages.





We would have loved to have done more in Zion, but due to the extreme heat it was too hot and dangerous to be hiking during the day.


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